Convention Prep-Mascot?-New Idea
I'm getting ready to be able to do conventions- I have 53 prints ready to be bagged, I'm just waiting for my little baggies to come in!

I have 50 4x6's and 3 8x10's- 3 of 10 different designs and 10 of 2 different designs.

I still need to make some wings, not only to wear but to sell... and some matte cardstock to make some bookmarks.

I have a bottle cap keychain plan, but have yet to figure out how to get the photo to cooperate under modge podge.

At least six months left to get ready.

It has come to my attention/been pointed out by numerous fellow anime enthusiasts that I do not have a "proper" mascot. I have Cecilia and she is my shining star character... But I'm apparently supposed to have an anthro-girl character... and I have an idea about one- one that will tie together my fairy persona and my new idea... but I'm not sure yet. Opinions?

My new idea-

So many people do mermaids and fairies... I want to do those also but... oh I wish I could just tell you! I'm so excited. I hope it works out. I'm doing sketches RIGHT NOW. I haven't decided yet if my fairy persona and this idea will mesh, but I know I want to do both! Wish me luck!

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