Conventions Abound!
Howdy all!  No fear, your end-of-month post is yet to come, but I wanted to interrupt our regular schedule to mention a few conventions coming up.

1)  For GenCon, I'm "running" (neither is a game, but I'm still the event coordinator fancy-pants) two seminars, and since it looks like I've got numbers and schedules for both I figure I might as well share 'em.  

One is a casual Meet-and-Greet, Wednesday at 8:00, that started as me wanting to meet various Shadowrun forumites, and evolved over the years into me meeting up with, uh, kind of everyone I know from ANY internet forum.  It's SEM17107064, Wednesday from 8:00pm to 11:00pm.

The other is a little more organized (in that it's an actual seminar type of thing, not just a bunch of people who kind-of-know each other, all hanging out).  SEM17110586 is Friday from 1:00pm to 3:00pm, and it's me (and some special guest star freelancers) chatting about "Freelancing In The Sixth World," though odds are good I'll meander and chat about non-Shadowrun stuff, too.  

Though both of these events are free (like all seminars), tickets do still need to be purchased and turned in (mostly for head-count purposes).  

2)  In non-GenCon news, I'm hitting a few local conventions this year, too, and they're right around the corner!  Yellow City Comic Con  (in Amarillo, Texas) is April 28-30, and a few Shadowrun freelancers (Patrick Goodman and everyone's favorite Neo-Anarchist, Optimistic Chad) and I are gonna chat up the crowd a little bit, and maybe even run an Anarchy game or two (schedule is still being worked out).  

Then there's Chupacabracon, in Austin, Texas (well, Round Rock, a suburb of it), from May 12-14.  The event coordinator is in the middle of hammering out the final seminar schedule here, too, but omg you guys check out that guest list.  I'm in some really crazy-good company there (I'll probably be geeking out at some of those game devs, myself), and it promises to be a whole lot of fun.

So!  If anyone's going to be making it to any of these -- and I know GenCon's the most likely one, don't get me wrong! -- feel free to holler ahead of time, and please don't be afraid to come say hi at the con itself.  I appreciate your continued patronage and support, and I hope to hang out with some of y'all face to face this year.

--Russell Zimmerman