Conversation with Imaginando Co-Creator, Nuno Santos. 50% Off DRC!
Nuno Santos is the creative force behind Imaginando, a company that makes applications for creating and controlling music. The latest project is DRC, a virtual analog synthesizer for mobile and desktop platforms. It allows you to create and edit sounds on any platform and access them from all other platforms.  Imaginando also released a powerful Ableton Live controller called LK. 

In this episode, Nuno and I have a great conversation about building an app, how to create something featured packed yet intuitive to use, and all kinds of topics related to making music. 

SPECIAL OFFER: Nuno is offering 50% off the desktop version of DRC. Head over to Imaginandoand use the code: AFRODJMAC to get this fantastic virtual analog synthesizer for half price . The sale is good April 24- May 1, 2017.