Conversations on The Sacred Feminine

“Without the feminine aspects of divinity, all you have left is a warrior God.” 

Dr. Joanna Kujawa is an author, speaker and a scholar on belonging and identity. In over an hour long conversation with discuss the perversion of the sacred feminine in theology and how that has shaped today's religious and cultural crisis points. 

Conversation Timeline: 

Introduction - What is divine feminine? 

1:50 - Divine feminine in original scripture 

3:08 - Middle Eastern goddesses

7:22 - Fall from divine: women's rage and disconnection 

8:22 - Beyond rage 

10:30 - How does our view of God shape our faith and culture? 

11:30 - Searching for the sacred feminine in Mary Magdalene 

16:35 - More Middle Eastern goddesses 

17:50 - What does any of this have to do with Islam? 

19:00 - The divine is bigger than gender 

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