Houseparty: a useful **free** phone app for spoken Latin. Those who want to speak Latin are scattered across the globe; this app will let us create a virtual community of Latin speakers. You can be a complete beginner: everyone started out the same way. 

Salve means hello! Here are some conversational basics to get you started 

 Houseparty! Now that's a  Convivium!  

How does it work?

This YouTube tutorial explains it all 

On Houseparty, once you have downloaded the app and signed in, you can select 'add friends' and then find your Latin speaking friends online easily.   Here is a link that will let  you download the app; Junge te, et adde me!  

Alternatively, visit the Houseparty website ,and get the app from the Google Play or Apple stores. 

"Convivium" (id est, Houseparty) facultatem octo confabulari viva voce simul dat. Possis videre quis homo domi sit (id est, quis in linea sit) , et eum eamve salvere jubere. Rogare: "Bona vena me audies?" ; veniam in conclavi  inire petendum'st! Licentia concessa,  te jungere et in conclavi includere licet, confabulari causa.

Install houseparty, and add some Latin speakers as your friends; Incipiat Convivium! Let the party begin! 

Here are some Convivium Latinum Usernames to get you started

bauzano (Maximus)

deansalehin (Dean)

draconigenus (Luca Ottavi)

classicalrevival (Donna Seidman)


druanna (Druanna)

conradvs (Coenraad Van Schoor)

cragius  (Craig Thomas)

ercoleca (George Atwater)

figulus (Hieremias Stoddardus)

felixmusicus (Felix)

fernandomordi (Fernando Mordi)

 gemmalawless (Gemma Lawless)


gpciceri (Gian Paolo Ciceri)

hiulcus (Simon Cinder)

levius_g (Levi Gulliver)

lvpvs (Zivkovic)



mrbrugger (Mercelo Rocha Brugger)

occitanus (Petrus Massiliensis)

pouya_m (Pouya)

 puffinus (Alessio Schiano)

rmedinap (Rafael Medina)

sermohumilis  (Jonathan)

stolidior (William Dredger)

vespillo (David Urbanski)

weslley_nein (Weslley Silva Ferreira)

89zivkovic (Branislav Zivkovic)


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