Convocation Ceremony :) & random thoughts
:B I thought it'd be interesting to post some random stuffs about myself.

So I went to my convocation ceremony earlier this week. Although I have finished school in September, which is already two months, I finally get the feeling that I have graduated after attending the ceremony (look at those gowns !!(・∀・). Having said that, it gives me a lot of pressure and forces me to realize that I now have to think about my future. As much as I want to continue to pursue my passion and keep my youtube channel running, I feel insecure and anxious about my future. Although I have received a lot of support from Youtube, from my fans and my family, reality is harsh and I have to admit that It's really hard to make a living solely doing something you love. You may not know that I am actually an accounting graduate. Doing something completely unrelated to my field is very risky. With that in mind, I have decided to give myself some time before I give up my dream and I will try my best to prove it to myself that Im capable of making my dream possible. 

Just some random thoughts :) I will stay strong ! Lastly I just want to let you guys know that you have given me so much confidence. I don't think I can even "think" about it without all of your support.