Cooking with Frag Announcement

Due to changing of Cooking with Frag to the nighttime schedule, we have a VERY limited number of days each month we can stream it (Just two!).  Normally this doesn't cause any issues but we are going to the pinball expo, which happens to fall on one of the two days.   The other Friday we can do it is filled with family events.  Long story short, we don't have a day to film CWF in May.

The good news:

Since we have to 'skip' May, we are going to do a double stream of Cooking with Frag in June.   

On June 17th, we will do the Patron Picked dish: Pierogis.

On June 18th we will do a special Saturday CWF: Community Mystery Basket.

In the next day or so, we will post a poll for EVERYONE, not just Patrons, to vote on to pick the mystery ingredients for the basket.   I am doing some research to find proteins he hasn't worked with on the show, so once that is complete I will post the poll here and in his chat.

Feel free to post some suggestions in the comments of this post and I will take them into consideration!

Thank you guys for the love and support and I hope to see you around!

- Cheers


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