Cooking with Fire!
Hey guys!

Look at this collection! It's nearly doubled in the last few days, and site traffic has never been so high! Thank you!

I've got a lot of upgrades planed to get this site shipped out to Beta, and I wanted to give you a quick rundown of my current priorities.

- User Profiles / Avatars / User browse + search functon
- Modular character text boxes (not just About / Likes)
- Featured Character / User in the Browse page

I plan to get this done sometime after Fur Squared + GDC, so stay loosely tuned.

Things that I just pushed out tonight:

- Visual tweak to character cards (now all of them have a 1:1.25 aspect ratio)
- Visual tweak to user account page (MORE BUTTONS)
- Rearranged the homepage to be more... enticing... ;3
- Some back-end nerdy things. Something to do with synergy.