Cool Octave Possibilities for 3rd position!
No overblowing needed! Simple and basic harmony lesson teaching what, where and little bit of "why" to play some of these octave tricks! This lesson covers double and triple hole splits. It's almost 30 minutes long and very thorough. A real special thanks to all of you here on Patreon for your support you have really changed my life already and making these videos more frequently is directly because of you! Also thanks to my sponsors Lone Wolf Blues Company, Blue Moon Harmonicas, Blows Me Away Microphones, Suzuki Harmonicas, Harp Gear Amplifiers and Joe Spiers for the great customs I don't modify myself.

Here's the break down:
*I CHORD: 1-4 draw split, 4- 8 Draw split for roots of the I in 3rd position
also you can play 1-4 Blow Splits and 4-7 Blow splits and 7-10 Blow splits for B7's of the I Chord.

*IV Chord: 3-6 blow split and 6-9 blow split for roots of IV in 3rd and you can play the 2-5 draw split (root and b7 of IV) and the 5-9 draw split to get the b7 octaves of IV (or the minor 3rd of the I chord)

*V Chord use the 6-10 draw triple split to get the root of V octave split or use the 2-5 blow split and the 5-8 blow split to achieve the V of the V harmony on the V chord itself.

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