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The coolest part of the Mountain Flying last summer!
This was the largest scale production we ever under took, and it was entirely thanks to you guys, as I was just locking in the first big sponsors when we were planning this, and my only real predictable revenue stream was the Patreon campaign.  Taking the crew to California to film this was a big financial risk, and it definitely paid off!

The recent Patreon Blog post that featured our campaign addressed how I rationalized this production:

ADDED CONTEXT about this episode:

Reminder that for this series I was a student pilot and a filmmaker - I was not acting as Pilot in Command.

Part of the story is our struggle to make a fairly epic production; it was hard, and it was part of the deal. Failing to get the live iPad feed for what I considered to be the most important part of the flight was a blow. I wanted to explain why we went from live video of the iPad for all the other episodes in this series (and the first half of this episode) to having only still screen grabs for the Buck Eye Pass adventure.


Birth of a HUGE Wild Fire:

Landing at 8,500 ft Density Altitude:

Survival after Forced Landing:

Search and Rescue friendly Flight Plans + PLBs:

Hypoxia Symptoms and Avoidance

Take Off at 8,000 ft Density Altitude

Thanks again for being a part of making this stuff happen!