Coping with Anxiety

Anxiety is one of those conditions which affects us all, at some point, but that which can often get ignored or overlooked by the majority of Society. 

Having anxiety, does not mean that you are ‘weak’ or that you are not able to ‘cope’ with the every day struggles, of every day life. It does not mean that you are not a strong person.

In fact, often it can mean the exact opposite. In reality, it means that you care; And I mean really care. Because if you didn’t, then you would not have something to be anxious about. 

Let’s take, as an example, a kind and loving person who perhaps feels as if, for whatever reason, that they do not make their partner happy. This individual, who we shall name ‘Holly’ may become anxious because she feels as though she is not able to bring happiness to her partner’s life. 

This fear driven by self-doubt, in this example, does not necessarily have to of come from any particular individual or event. 

Holly is a kind, and loving person, who always gives her love to those around her. But one day, Holly suddenly starts to doubt herself; to doubt her ability to bring happiness to the lives of those around her. 

There wasn’t anything specific that triggered these thoughts. It was a subconscious question of doubt, that quickly escalated in her thoughts because of how much it means to Holly to try to ensure that those around her are truly happy and content. 

And thereto starts the chain of events, which lead to the sudden onslaught of anxiety, and also depression. Holly feels as though she cannot explain to those around her, the thoughts that she has in her mind. She is worried that her friends and family will say that she is ‘over-thinking things’ or that she ‘shouldn’t worry’. 

But Holly cannot help but worry. She is a tender and loving soul, who feels joy when others feel joy, and who feels pain when others feel pain. She is almost like an empathetic mirror, reflecting back that which she feels from others around her. 

So how can we deal with anxiety? How can we control it, so that it does not take over our lives? Of course, there are the usual recommendations of spending time doing something that relaxes you. Maybe, meditation, or Yoga or perhaps doing exercise. 

But in order to truly silence the voice of anxiety, one first has to understand that the battle is not an easy one. 

You see, our souls have the ability to truly overcome many of the afflictions which trouble us daily. But, your mind has to work in synchronicity with your soul. 

One step towards achieving this, is to acknowledge that you WILL overcome this anxiety. That you WILL succeed, because in truth, you have the ability to overcome anything that is thrown at you, by the unwanted advances of the human mind. 

Yes, it will take time. No, it will not be easy. Somedays, you will feel that you are making ground, and on other days, you may feel like you are taking steps backwards. But never give up on hope. 

Hope is like the fuel that keeps your soul moving forward, even when it seems as though you are running on empty. The truth is, that you will never run out of hope. Even when it feels like hope has gone. It never has, and it never will. Hope cannot be taken away from you, even by those who appear to want to drain you of all hope. 

The changes will not be rapid. They will take time, but they will come. Hope can be found, in even in the most unlikely of places. 

Next time you are able to gaze up into a star-filled night sky, take a moment to reflect. To ponder. Empty your mind of all thoughts, and just concentrate on breathing. Concentrate on visualising the enormity of infinite energy, that pervades everything. 

And then visualise this energy, as love. And picture yourself reaching up and grabbing some of this energy, and converting it in your heart into hope. 

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