Copy Character Appearance for Skyrim LE

This mod copies the appearance(head and body) of the NPC to the player. You can easily copy it during gameplay and play the game in that state. NPCs added by mods are also supported.


 Open the console, select the NPC you want to copy, and enter "cca" to copy the appearance of that NPC to the player. Select the player to return to its original appearance. 


・Some items cannot be changed by character making in the copied state. (In that state, change is not recommended. Do not open the character making menu. You can't change your hairstyle either, so I recommend using the wig mod.)

・Only NPCs with the same gender and humanoid animation as the player can be copied.

・Make a backup of your saved data before installing this mod.

・Open the character making menu if the player face or skeleton position is strange when the copy is canceled. (I'm using ECE and confirmed that.)

・Do not copy while riding.

・When loading the game, there may be gaps in the body due to weight. It can be fixed by copying again with the “cca” command or by re equipping the equipment. In addition, if the same weight as before loading, this problem will not occur, so it is recommended to save immediately after copying.












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