The Copyright Claim
Welp, despite all the fan animations online, I never thought this would end up happening, but it's just my luck I suppose.

Basically, Tuner (which owns Cartoon Network and Steven Universe), or more specifically and oddly enough, its Latin American division, claims that I've used their visual content in the second episode of "Convergence at Gravity Falls!" Usually, this occurs  when you upload an episode or take clips from it, but that's not the case here since I created all the artwork in the video. With that in mind, and with the encouragement of fellow content creators, I'm currently in the process of disputing the claim, and Turner LATAM Kids has until the June 11 to respond. However,while this is occurring, monetization has been turned of on what's my most popular video on my channel. Since I rely heavily on Youtube as an income, I'll lose more than 35% in revenue
 for the next month.

Despite all this, this is a blessing in disguise in the form of a wake up call. The goal over the next 20 months, was to increase production on original animations and less on Team Teen. "Convergence at Gravity Falls" was going to be a five-six part story after all, and I wasn't sure what I was really going to do afterwards. With the possiblity of getting another copyright claim from Turner, or Viacom or Disney, I decided to end production and cancel fan animation projects like Team Teen, and even the Sonic shorts that were supposed to come out later this year. When I started Dtoons, the main goal was to focus on original cartoons, and I feel that effort to get more views and more subscribers by making fan animations has harmed my Youtube channel, because now people will come for that instead of Conroy, Doggy or Kassandra, and will unsubscribe in droves when more original cartoons are produced. This copryight claim is a sign for me to just bite the bullet and go back to making originals and hope more people will enjoy it. Most of my patrons joined for Conroy and Doggy anyway, and I feel and hope that having these series in consistent and frequent production will allow it to become popular over time.

Regardless, part 3 of "Convergence at Gravity Falls!" is almost done, and I'm still mid-production of the Nicktoons Movie trailer, so they'll come out as planned. But after that, expect more Ask a Toon, What Chu Got?, and Kassandra cartoons from here on out. I'm very excited about this, and I hope you all will enjoy them!

Btw, this does not effect Toonagram, and I'll likely continue CAGF as a Toonagram story instead.

TL, DR version: due to copyright concerns, fan animation projects that don't prominently feature my original characters will no longer be produced, so expect more Conroy Cat and Kassandra cartoons in the future.