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Image is wholly relevant because... well, we have an Elsa analog coming soon to Cordylosophies. Why not a Merida? She's actually been in the cards for far longer than Elsa because most of the "princesses as Jedi" art series ignore poor Merida. I suppose that when the princess has a signature weapon and it's NOT easy to turn into a lightweapon, it makes her a lot harder to work with? Don't know. But I figured out what I'm going to do with her... Dathomir! There's a few different ways I can execute the storyline, and since I'm uncertain as to which would be best... poll time!

The response will actually determine Merida's species in the Galaxy Far, Far Away but... well, I don't want to influence you by telling what species is associated with each option. 

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Every little bit helps and you've gone out of your way to help me. Even if it's just the cost of a taco, it adds up and so I'll do my best to honor your donation by giving you access to my Patreon Activity Feed, where I hope to post snippets of upcoming stories, amusing bits that won't quite work out but I wish would, character sketches by my girlfriend, and other random stuff. Additionally, while in the past I've not maintained a "Dedications" section on most of my work, I'll be adding one to every new story I post from here on out as well as every existing story updated with new content. Everyone who wants it will get a shout out in there.
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I write a lot, and I write it fast. Not wanting to blitz people's inboxes with update notifications, I do my best to spread things out when it comes to posting. But for a $3 a month donation, you'll not only get the above rewards but also access to everything I write as fast as I write it. Who knows, you might even catch something I miss and be able to help me plug a plot hole. Or you could go "hey Joe, that was awesome but you know what would be even more awesome?" and I'll go "holy crap, that IS awesome, lemme go rewrite this!".
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At my height on Twisting the Hellmouth, I had over a million and a half words of fiction posted. That number has dropped to 468,074 words now that I'm over on FanFiction.Net. While I do plan to move more of my stuff there eventually, not everything will make it. And not everything I've written was even on TtH. Miss a particular story? Wonder what I've never shown you? For a mere $5 a month, you can go digging through a shared folder on my Dropbox that has every HTML file, DOC, and DOCX I have managed to locate, chronicling eleven years of writing. Unposted stories, failed stories, never before seen experimental variations of existing stories... who knows what you'll find?

Oh, and of course, all of the rewards above.
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Thanks to the tiered privacy settings on Patreon, I can make it so that some posts are available to the entire world, some posts are available only to patrons, and some posts are only available to certain patrons. And so for the low, low price of $10 a month, you can move up from the general feed to seeing my more interactive posts. Sometimes, I have two story ideas and can't decide which to write first. You can help me pick. Sometimes I reach that "two roads diverged in a yellow wood" moment and both roads seem equally awesome, and so you can help decide which of two outcomes a story will take. And sometimes, I'm kinda like Cisco on The Flash, and shouldn't be allowed to name things. Hopefully you guys will be able to help me out when those situations arise.

And... you guessed it, all of the above.
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You get the Activity Feed, the every story shoutout because I love you, the early access to my work, the link to the world's messiest Dropbox folder, voting/feedback privileges, and... omake rights. each month, you can drop off a suggestion in my inbox that's either related to one of my existing stories, a past story that is dormant/has yet to be reposted, or something completely new. I mean, if you're willing to throw money at me, you've probably read me enough to know what my strengths are in terms of both fandoms and content. You toss it, I'll write it. I make no guarantees as to whether it will be a 2-3k short, a 10k epic, or a something that transcends from omake into being part of a story's canon material. But it'll happen.
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If you've read this far, I don't need to repeat it, do I? All of awesome stuff above, plus... I have a wife. She does art. You've seen her stuff all over my stories. She also does these fabulous bust shot commissions to earn a bit of extra money while she's warming up each morning before getting down to her contract art work. With a monthly donation of $50 or more, I'll contact you after each payment clears and you can pick a character from my story and she'll draw you a bust shot. Her turn around time is ridiculous; you'll probably have it in your Inbox before Patreon stuffs your money sideways into my bank account. And you can snag another for yourself the month after that, and the month after that, and the month after that...
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