Core 2019 - Puzzle #9
Happy puzzle day everyone!


A few of our competitors found a way to break this week's puzzle! That means that we have two versions of the puzzle coming at you today. 

The one attached to this post is the fixed version - see if you can solve it! The broken one will be posted here for Patrons only later this afternoon. See if you can solve that one too, and we'll add the solution to both on Monday - as well as the final leaderboard! Let's see how much the puzzlebreaker bonuses shook up the standings!

This week's prize winner

This week's all-Patron prize draw winner is Allan Munday! They will be receiving one of our sought-after "blackout" basic land promos. Congrats!

To help get all prizes to you quickly, please make sure your PS pledge mailing address is correct

Have a great weekend!