COREL PAINTER VIP $10/Month Rewards

Here's a list of the rewards you can access with your $10/month membership. Once you become a member, you can use the links to access the content.  

🖌️  New Brushes Each Month
Get access to my Corel Painter  workspace  with new brushes added each month. You can download the entire  workspace file, or you have the option of installing individual brushes  and content into your own workspace. Here's a preview of the brush download page on Dropbox.

💲  Discounts
Save up to 50-75% off select training courses and products with special  coupons for members-only.

🖼️ Real Art Templates Ditch the blank white canvas and download my Real Art Templates that you can use as a starting point for your next painting. The templates simulate a variety of natural media such as pencil, watercolor and thick paint. Each file is a universal PSD format document sized to standard print and frame sizes. The templates are pre-configured with texture overlay layers and canvas toning to make it feel more like you are working traditionally.

💬 Full Access to my Patrons-Only Discord Channels - Chat with your fellow artists using text, voice and video on a private server. Share images of your artwork, get help from fellow artists, receive feedback on art and more. (All channels unlocked)

🎁 Plus you'll get everything from the $5 reward tier.