Cornucopia Hiatus is Over!
Hey there! For those that don't know, I have a webcomic called Cornucopia (or "Nuco" for short) that's been on hiatus for the length of the summer. That hiatus was so I could focus on starting a StiB pipeline by obtaining sponsorships (I have quite a few lined up!) and a solid Patreon foothold (that's YOU!) so that I could pay guest animators to make videos at a consistant rate! That StiB Danny Phantom video took me 7 weeks of on-and-off work, and that production rate just wasn't gonna cut it. But now everything is exactly how I wanted, and it's mostly thanks go you guys! The hiatus ends today! If you're interested in the comic, you can read it here: Cornucopia updates Tuesdays!

Thanks for all your support and your patience! I spent most of my free time in September building up a backlog of 6 full pages for this that are all ready to go in case I have to take a weekend off of work (Making a Nuco page takes about 2.5 days to produce and I work Sat-Monday). The other half of my free time was spent drawing backgrounds for Pizza Game, which is the subject of my next post!

I know there wasn't much content video-wise in September, but that's because a TON of stuff is happening in October.

  • Nuco's hiatus ends with new comics every Tuesday!
  • StiB - Star Vs. The Forces of Evil on October 13th
  • Anime Campaign Part 7 will be streamed live on October 21st!
  • A special three-day Halloween event called TOMB OF HORSES run by Tom Laflin featuring me as your own programmable chat bot! I'll talk more about that as we get closer to the streaming date of the 27-29th.
  • Another Marathon Review a la the Disney/Dreamworks one with a slight Halloween twist that should also be coming out the 27th. If you follow me on Twitter you might have a good idea of what franchise it'll be about.

So it'll be a busy month for me, but a good month for you guys! :D