Coronavirus Angels & Demons - GLOBAL MEGA-REPORT! (news from over 20 countries & Lada Ray commentary/predictions!)

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As I was saying in previous audio report

 Transatlantic Rift, the EU Betrayals & Russia-China to the Rescue! How COVID-19 Exposed Systemic Strengths & Weaknesses No One Knew Existed! 

the news arrive and numbers change every day. This is why I have compiled this mega-report, with headlines/video news from around the world, plus my commentary and intel I have obtained lately. 

There is a lot I can and want to say about many countries and events, however they may warrant a brief mention rather than a full post. By compiling all the material I find interesting and notable in one big post, I can tell you what's up and what I think. 

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CORONAVIRUS ANGELS & DEMONS - you be the judge who's who!

And what a study of human nature this situation has become: the good, the bad and the ugly have all come to the surface!

COVID-19 epicenter | Wuhan prepares to end lockdown

In Wuhan they closed down the last COVID19 hospital; in China new cases are down and contagion is under control. China is already emerging out of the panic, while other countries are only entering the most crucial phase. 


Putin addresses nation on COVID-19 as Russia’s confirmed cases reach 600

There seem to be more cases since Putin's speech. Still, one of the absolute lowest numbers worldwide, especially considering Russia's 4,000 km border with China and several thousand km of borders with various countries on the European side. 

Russia is tightening coronavirus quarantine measures, but it's still alive and life goes on, compared to other countries. The closures of stores and restaurants/cafes are only strict in Moscow, where at least 1/2 of all cases are. Most of Russia has very few cases in each city or town. 

Russia announced that penalties for those who break quarantine will now be much tougher: up to 7 years in prison. 

The number of cases is increasing, but much slower than anywhere else. The vast majority of infected are those who returned from abroad. Very few infected at home. Latest I heard, there is either one death, or by other data, no deaths. 

Meantime, to cheer up Russians the world famous pianist Denis Matsuev has given a live classical music concert to the empty theater, which was televised and watched by 1.5 mln people.

WATCH FULL Matsuev concert without public in the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, Moscow - click link below:

Концерт без публики в зале имени П.И. Чайковского —  Watch concert here!

Mosfilm is releasing free hundreds of its films so people could watch on TV if they are confined to their homes. 

Putin announced that all businesses and companies in the country will take a break and everyone should stay home between this weekend March 28 and April 5. It is voluntary, no military on streets, like in some other countries. After this everyone returns to work. 

The measures supporting small and medium businesses have been announced. 

My prediction: Despite some increase in cases, mainly brought from abroad by evacuees, Russia will get out of pandemic one of the lightest of all. The government acted smartly and reasonably, closing the border with China early, communicating closely with Chinese to get up-to-date info, immediately quarantining those who arrived from China and Italy. 

On top of that, it is the Time of Russia! And moreover, there is a special Russian immunity, based on my Forbidden History theory  (see prior podcast and my Forbidden History webinars). 


Meantime, in the US:

US rescue plan | Will $2TN keep the economy afloat?

Markets fall as US senate fails to pass 2tn dollars relief

 Historic coronavirus stimulus package passes Senate, goes to the House

Record-high 3.28 million Americans file for unemployment benefits in past week

Cuomo: Congress "simply failed to address" states' economic needs from coronavirus

Makeshift coronavirus hospitals, morgue constructed in New York

The US, as it always does, tries to throw money - lots of it - at the crisis, and hope it goes away. This technique worked in previous Periods 6 and 7, but not any more, not in Period 8. Americans will soon learn the hard way, give it time...

As I was predicting in the original Coronavirus article of Feb 3, the economy is where the real impact of the virus will be, not as much on the health side. Compared to any prior pandemic, this is 'not exactly a storm in a teacup, but not a real pandemic either.' This was said on Feb 3, when we only just found out about COVID-19 in China and before it spread to other countries en masse. See link to original article at the bottom! 

The impact on the US economy, I foresee, will be devastating. By some data, the US so far has lost 24% of its GDP due to coronavirus lockdowns. This could be a short-term loss, depending on how long this will all take. 

Remember that my new talk on the Coronavirus Impact on Economy, Markets, Oil and Gold-Silver is coming soon! 

Instead of uniting and working together, both Trump/republicans and democrats try to use this time to accuse and fight each other. Sick. 

New York Times: 

The U.S. Now Leads the World in Confirmed Coronavirus Cases 

Following a series of missteps, the nation is now the epicenter of the pandemic.

Scientists warned that the United States someday would become the country hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic. That moment arrived on Thursday.

In the United States, at least 81,321 people are known to have been infected with the coronavirus, including more than 1,000 deaths — more cases than China, Italy or any other country has seen, according to data gathered by The New York Times.

The number of infected in the US has grown exponentially, and still many people have not been tested or reported their true state of health, preferring to go it alone at home. This probably is true for many countries, unless they have good procedures in place, like some Asian countries do, or like Russia, where it's much better organized. I hear also Norway and probably Denmark are also well organized in their response. 

And you know what? One of the reasons so many more people may get infected in the US is the horrendous diet most Americans eat! That's why we have done three natural health videos for you, to help you eat healthy and beat COVID-19 naturally! (See links below!)

We went shopping and to see a doctor. The appointment was scheduled 2 months ago, and then rescheduled a few days ago, as the clinic was restructuring and disinfecting, per new rules. They called patients to ask who wanted to keep their appointment or cancel. I decided to use mine up, thinking it actually may get worse and they may close down the clinic when the virus reaches us (and we are still relatively lucky where I live, with very few cases). Everything around our area is doom and gloom, people look at each other suspiciously and try to keep distance. It feels eerie. They've been using chemicals in supermarkets which felt very poisonous: I had to run out for a breath of air and then felt sick all day. Irony: I am absolutely healthy as far as COVID goes, but get sick from their chemical 'remedies.' Best to stay home, inside my highly-calibrated bubble! 

The US is currently on lockdown, almost everything's closed, and this is hitting the economy very hard. Trump looked at the devastating economy numbers and decided to reverse the original plan. Despite the rapid spread of the virus, Trump has announced that everything will be reopened after Easter, Apr 12, because 'the US economy cannot afford lockdown.' This may save the economy to a degree, but will give the virus a huge boost. And all this is not great for the election campaign. There is a palpable panic and confusion in Washington. Clearly, they have no idea what to do.

Something that gained Trump a higher approval rating: every American who works and makes a specific amount of money, is supposed to receive $1200 as a one-time aid; families of 4 get $3400. Unemployment payments are also increased. 


«У нас – Россия»: Донбасс получил подтверждение, что Россия его не бросит!

This is a nice, positive news for those who root for Donbass - LDNR:

'We are Russia': Donbass has received confirmation that Russia won't abandon it in the midst of Ukrainian blockade and coronavirus. Russia keeps the border with LDNR open, its citizens can enter Russia unencumbered (there are border tests), while Russia closed down the border with Ukraine, as well as Belarus (details in my audio report and previous pieces, links below).

Also, thanks to the Ukraine blockade, LDNR are actually doing much better than Ukraine, which has a pretty bad COVID-19 situation and no means of handling it. Per some reports from Ukraine's specialists, including the minister of health, up to 1/2 of Ukrainians can get sick. 

Meantime, Donbass has hardly any cases to report, so far. 

The word now is that Ukraine could declare a default by May-June. Coronavirus is exacerbating the already hard economic situation. But there is a very interesting external factor, which we may call karma...

You couldn't invent it if you tried, seriously! So... US/EU were throwing money since 2014 at Kiev, to keep it as anti-Russian thorn in Russia's soft underbelly. But with coronavirus, they are on a panic mode and have neither money, nor resources to spare. This left Ukraine without the necessary blood infusions. Suddenly US isn't interested in 'helping' Ukraine any more: it's every man for himself. 

Moreover, over 50,000 Ukrainian migrants have been kicked out of the EU and they are returning home. Their multi-billion currency infusions into the Ukraine economy also dried up, not to mention they may be COVID carriers. 

I was saying previously that coronavirus has exposed all the truths and lies, strengths and weaknesses some tried very hard to conceal. This goes doubly for Ukraine, the US and all that jazz. 

The end of the Russophobic ukro-nazi Ukraine near, after karma has been paid and a purge of the old darkness has taken place? Why not... There is a lot to purge, I'll tell you that....But there is hope, as you'll see from my Odessa angels episodes below!

Speaking of post-Soviet space... There is conflicting info about the border closures with the members of Eurasian Union and CIS. At first Russia closed the borders with Central Asian states, but I am hearing those were reopened. There may be Russian border patrols and medical help going to these republics, some of which are very weak. 

Out of these, Kazakhstan has been taking very strict measures to fight coronavirus, including quarantine, stay-at-home, store/business closures and military deployment. 

Out of 5 Central Asian states, Kazakhstan is more organized and has a stricter response. The Kazakh statistics I've seen goes like this (possibly the numbers are a bit exaggerated, but you get the gist):

murders - 0 

burglaries - 0

theft - 0

domestic violence - 86,000+ (due to people staying home)


Some videos from all over the world

Italy sufferes the highest COVID-19 losses in the world

COVID-19 | Deserted Beirut amid lockdown

COVID-19 | Construction of new coronavirus hospital in Russia 

COVID-19 in US | NYC & Miami turned into ghost towns 

COVID-19 | Panic-buying worsens in Japan

Fun Over! | Sao Paulo convention center turns into COVID-19 hospital

Macron launches 'Resilience' military op to battle COVID-

Deserted streets of Berlin amid COVID-19 lockdown

Apocalypse Now | COVID-19 shuts down Hollywood

Танцы, песни, молитвы: как мир переживает -  Nice video from various countries: Dances, songs and prayers - how the world is surviving coronavirus 

London tributes NHS workers on the frontlines of COVID-19 outbreak

Prince Charles is infected and the whole royal family is quarantined. There are disturbing news from the UK, some say up to 1/2 of the population may be eventually infected, and it appears so far, government measures are ineffectual. Those who live in the UK and have more to say, please tell us in comments what you are observing! 

Акция наших сестёр милосердия на одесском Привозе 

Odessa, Ukraine: Sisters from the local convent help people at Odessa's famous farmers market Privoz, largest market in Europe. The congregation of the Odessa Russian Pravoslavnaya Church (aka, Ukrainian Church of the Moscow Patriarchy) is doing a lot to lift the spirits, give blood, help with prayer, food and necessary items. They have been quite an inspiration for many people. More below.


It's official: the Olympic Games in Japan have been postponed by one year, till 2021.


COVID-19 | Putin dons hazmat suit to visit coronavirus patients 

Russian aerobatic group takes to skies to support fight against COVID-19 

Russia to the rescue of Italy (and see my previous podcast for more on that): 

COVID-19 | Russian medical aid arrives in Italy to fight Coronavirus

COVID-19 | Russia sends medics & eqpt. to Italy to help 

Польша: "Россия помогла Италии? Лучше бы никто не помогал!"

ENG: Poland: "Russia is helping Italy? It would be better if no one helped it!"

On this Russian language video: the mayor of Rome and other officials thank Russian military and specialists for supporting Italy when no one else would. 

Russia to date sent 14 military planes, 60 tons of medical aid and a number of military medical teams, plus new civilian teams are arriving to Italy, as well. Meantime, it has become known that Poland and several other countries refused to let through the Russian planes carrying aid and medics for Italy! The pretext used was: "Russia is not sending planes to help Italy, but to break up NATO!" Another proof of the heartlessness of these so-called 'Europeans'? 

Russian planes had to fly through Sochi, with re-fueling there, then through neutral zones of the Black and Mediterranean seas, to reach Italy. 

By the way, it is a fabulous idea to break up that tumor of a NATO, anyway. So, if the aid Russia, China and Cuba send to Italy will begin the process of dismantling that virus of an organization, I am all for it! 

See how useful COVID-19 can be?

And sending medics to study the virus and gain experience in Italy is also a fabulous idea. This way the data is gained for the vaccine development and for the handling of the virus inside Russia. 

I also heard that Crimeans are voluntarily helping out Italy on their own, sending aid and donations there. It has to be noted that Italy, and specifically northern Italy, where the epicenter of the COVID has been, defied the US/EU sanctions and has been working with Crimea since 2014-15. Crimeans remember the good. 



Russians are saying the vaccine is being developed in Novosibirsk (Novosibirsk University) and it's currently being tested - see prior podcast for more info. 


Healthy nutrition is the best remedy for all illnesses - see our videos, links below!


For your furry friends! Jason Galaxy knows his stuff:

How to deal with and enjoy quarantine with your cats


COVID-19 | Mexican 'angels' spread hope amid outbreak 

Cuban doctors land in Italy to help in COVID-19 fight

COVID-19 | Spaniards applaud medics & police fighting coronavirus 

COVID-19 | Bosnia imposes curfew to fight coronavirus

Все плохое пройдет и будет новое время благодати Божией!

A prayer and a word from the Metropolitan of the Ukrainian Church in Odessa, Moscow (Russian) patriarchy. Very wise words: 'Everything bad shall pass and a new time of god's grace shall come." 

Sounds like my Earth Shift teaching, doesn't it?

He also mentions that at this time, people live and die without considering spirituality, only thinking about material. Whether you subscribe to any religion, or are like me, spiritual in the higher-dimensional sense, this rings true. 

 After his prayer, at around 11 min listen to a lovely and peaceful chant - what beautiful angelic voices.  

Currently in Ukraine the authorities only allow 10 people at a time in the church, says Metropolitan, but the services still go on and people can come any time. The Odessa congregation is also brilliant in that they have organized a very good  YT channel, and their prayers are posted there for all those who are unable to attend in person amid the outbreak. They have done many inspiring actions - see my recent post on FuturisTrendcast: Wow! Amazing: Thousands Join the Sacred Christ Pilgrimage in Historic Odessa!

I have to say, the Odessa congregation, like I've noticed the entire Russian church, has been playing a very positive, supportive and active role in the society. If not for the Russian church in Ukraine, the country's situation would have been much worse. 

That's what true spiritual leaders should do: alleviate suffering, bring peace of mind a clarity. And lead by example. These are the true priests of the ancient, Vedic lineage, in whatever guise they may present themselves nowadays (even if they deny this lineage). Their role is that of angels. (More in my Forbidden History Webinars on  



Pandemic is the time to reflect and make amends. The world needs that sorely and desperately. Some may use it to cleanse and purge the old heavy karma, purify their environment and themselves. And some may spend it helping others. Yet some others might meditate and spend this time resting and planning for the future. All these are the very best usages of your time in this period of forced home stay, in the midst of major global tectonic shifts and rebalancing!  

(BTW, if you need a private consultation and guidance, see our limited time sale below, which will end very soon!)


ADDED - newest I found to add to the whole picture:

Some work hard to protect & help, while others work hard to harm...

Had to add this!

Prayer in the Sky: Priests from the Odessa Russian Pravoslavnaya Church (Russian Orthodox Church, Ukraine) organized a flying prayer. They did a circle of 600 km around Odessa on a tiny rickety plane, to bless the city and its residents, with prayer, chanting and some priceless sacred relics owned by the Odessa congregation. This includes their biggest treasure of healing and protection, the famous Casperskaya Icon. You can see it at 1:55 onward. This is considered by Christians a very potent healing and protective icon. 

Don't ask whether it's true or not, but some swear by it. I can tell you that it calibrates very highly: QC 510 (LOVE), CHI 580 (HIGH CREATION). Maybe listening/watching this episode will also send some healing energy to you all!

Click link to watch, follow my timestamps:

600 км в небе с молитвой вокруг Одесской епархии

Takeoff and in the sky at 4:15 onward. Birds eye views of Odessa and the Black Sea start around 8:25. 

Priest says in the end (around 17:40): If everyone does their job honestly and for the good of all, whether it's doctors, priests, officials or anyone else, the world will be better. Brothers and sisters, we do what we can. Let everyone bring their small contribution to the table. We need not only to fight the coronavirus, but also the deadly viruses of laziness, jealousy, hatred and greed. If we can rid of those, or at least diminish them, then we'll be able to exist in a happy and functional Ukraine, which is my heartfelt wish to you all. ... I say: Amen to that!

Meantime...  Seriously, couldn't invent it if I tried!  

Give it a rest! Corona-hit US finds time to put $15mn bounty on Maduro



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