"Corpse Bride", Scraps Process by Ryoko
Once Ryoko made a super-cool present for our Corpse Bride photoshoot ^__^

Few words about the process itself:

- stick together three layers of expanded polystyrene with white glue;
- cut the form of a skull with a sharp knife;
- Use a wire to make a skeleton of a body and the bottom jaw, and stick together with the skull;
- cover it with papier-mache, till it has the size you need;
- after it's dry, cover with putty and let it dry, then smooth with sandpaper;
- ribs and flat bones are made of cardboard (several layers) and attached to the body;
- since I was in a hurry, I made teeth of playdough >< you can make it of modeling clay or from the same expanded polystyrene.
- in the end cover everything with primer and draw eyes and spinal bones;
- ideally, it should be covered with paint and varnish, but I just did not have time to finish it properly.