Corpse Party : Book of Shadows | Shouting at the Dead | 24
 Warning: This video is old! Was originally recorded and edited back in October of 2015.

And we're back with Raven's haunted school of silly voices and school children who lack common sense, with Morishige who continues to go insane and creep out everyone he meets.
(There do seem to be some audio sync issues in this part, should hopefully be able to keep that from happening in future parts. )

Happy to be back, should hopefully be able to get back to a somewhat regular schedule, more details on that though in the next video!
This game is rated M for individuals 17 & up.
It contains: Intense Violence, Blood and Gore, Sexual Themes, and Strong Language
Viewer Discretion is advised.
Team GrisGris ● XSeed ● Mages ● 5pb.
PlayStation Portable (PSP)
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The first Corpse Party game chronicled the struggles of seven high school classmates, one little sister and one teacher who all got trapped in a cursed elementary school that shouldn’t even exist, and were assaulted mercilessly therein by malevolent spirits. It was a game riddled with twists, turns and “wrong ends” that culminated in haunting, brutal death scenes, and its conclusion left many questions unanswered and more than a few loose threads untied (while at least one other was tied perhaps a bit too tightly)…

Corpse Party: Book of Shadows is a compilation of eight short stories set before, during and after these events, “fleshing” out the experience and further developing its characters and mythos alike.

Some chapters take place in an alternate timeline, where characters go into the events of Corpse Party with foreknowledge of the fates that are destined to befall them, granting them a rare opportunity to make different decisions and potentially avert their grisly demises.

Other chapters detail events leading up to Corpse Party, providing insight into the minds of some of its less prominent characters and revealing the influence they may have had in the grand scheme of things (or the influence it may have had on them).

And the final chapter, available only to those who have either played through the first Corpse Party or seen every wrong end in Corpse Party: Book of Shadows, details events from approximately two weeks after the first game’s conclusion, delving deeper into the mystery as two characters frantically search for answers in a location even more cursed and uninviting than Heavenly Host Elementary itself…
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