The Corridor Part 3
                The family moving into the Ashton house  was unaware of its cursed legacy. Though they knew Ashton died mysteriously in one of his houses, they did not know that it was this one. All they knew was that this house was a bargain price for the neighborhood. Heck, James Rigby's old house was two streets over. Seriously rich people lived in this neighborhood.

                Kyle Chandler had not done so bad himself. He had worked tirelessly for years to create a powerful VR headset add-on which allowed users to analyze food for dangerous contaminations. Entire restaurant chains had shuttered as a result.  Now he was ready to have a life like one of the "Rich and Famous" with a renowned house to boot. He stood at the door staring at the strange markings and carvings on it. They must have taken hours of time. Every detail was so fine, almost alive. 

               "Father" shouted a small voice inside, "I need help!" Kyle walked inside to see his son Dillon struggling with a large box of toys and games. Kyle took the box from him. 

             "Dillon, I think that box is a little too heavy for you to carry by yourself." The eight year old boy looked up at his father, a look of consternation on his face.

           "But I was trying to help!" 

            Kyle smiled. His son was just like him. Driven. Motivated. 

            "Why don't you go and explore your new home?" 

           "Ok Dad!" The boy ran off.

           "Do you think he likes this house?" Kyle turned and looked at his wife. She stood in the doorway, a concerned look on her face. Kyle winced. 

              "I'm not sure, my love. I think so."

              "Well, I just hope there's not another nest of rats waiting for him in his new room." 

              Kyle winced. The last house had a nest of rats who dwelt exclusively in Dillon's hair. They scurried around at night, convincing Dillon that there were truly monsters under the bed. It took three Pest Eliminators to find them. 

               "I think he'll be just fine."

               Dillon decided to check out the basement first. At the last house he had discovered two skateboards tucked away behind a water heater. Maybe he would discover another treasure here.  He walked slowly to the end of the Hallway, examining each room as he passed them. At the end was a very small room. He didn't think his Daddy could stand in it, but he could perfectly. He walked in and sat down. 

                  Maybe some past boy had lived here, and had his little hideout in the basement. Dillon eyed the corners of the room. Hopefully he had left some things behind. Laying on his stomach, he pulled a few toy soldiers from his pocket and arranged them on the ground. 

                 They began to move.