Cosmic Insight for Tuesday, November 29th, 2016
Hello my wonderful Cosmic Fluffs!

It has been awhile since I've had a chance to update. I am currently moving so I can rent my home. It has been emotionally and physically draining but here I am. I want to get back into the daily cosmic insights now that I'm settled at my family's home. So here it is, today's insight, a little late than I usually post it. Tonight I will also post tomorrow's insight as well.

Thank you to everyone and as always stay cosmically fluffy!

Cosmically yours,


 Here is the text from the images: 

Oh Universe I ask of thee what fire burns and where shall intention lead? 

“Taking a step back right now doesn’t mean progress isn’t being made. It is important to remember there is so much to explore. Even in taking a step back, there is a lesson to be learned.”

With intention there is power in thought, what direction shall be sought?

“It wouldn’t be foolish to try something new today. Even if you trip, there will be someone there to catch you and give you a helping hand. Trust your surroundings.”

The mind is on track, but what of the heart? Show me what strength is in from the start.

“Everything around you might seem overwhelming but there is no need to stress. The juggling game will soon come to an end. Balance is in the horizon so don’t fret.”

Now with mind, heart, and soul what physical powers will the Universe bestow?

“It is now a time to go with the ebb and flow of the Universe. Going against the flow will cause a disruption in the greater scheme of things. Sit and enjoy the ride there is great things to come.”

Combining the four will help you truly, to manifest all you want and live your life fully.

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