Cosmic Insight for Monday, December 5th, 2016
Hello my lovely fluffs!

Here is today's cosmic insight. I really can't wait to share with you all the new things to come. I have been putting the Cosmic Fluff Crew together and soon we will go live with a really awesome surprise!

Please do stay tuned! Until then stay cosmically fluffy!

Cosmically yours,




Oh Universe I ask of thee what fire burns and where shall intention lead? 

“Any prior disagreements with a loved one will come to a close. Hassles and setbacks aren’t as prominent as before. The fire will now burn in a more productive manner.”

With intention there is power in thought, what direction shall be sought? 

“Before choosing sides remember there are two stories to be told. Each side as convincing as the other, but you must be careful not to turn a blind eye to either one of them.”

The mind is on track, but what of the heart? Show me what strength is in from the start. 

“A challenge will come to be in matters of the heart. A decision you have been avoiding is lingering in your thoughts. Let go of the fear and allow your heart to feel lighter.”

Now with mind, heart, and soul what physical powers will the Universe bestow?

“There might be a loss of interest in your plans and efforts. Reevaluate and find just what you need to fuel the fire inside again. Don’t miss out on cosmic gifts.”

Combining the four will help you truly, to manifest all you want and live your life fully.

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