Cosmopolitan Interview

Cheryl Wischhover interviewed me for Cosmopolitan magazine!

"I'm not scared of people posting naked pictures of me on the Internet, but that's not a solution that's going to work for everybody. Just because I've been a sex worker and done nude modeling in the past doesn't mean that I don't have any boundaries and that every naked picture of me is now up for grabs. I think sometimes we're so focused on the fear of that happening that we don't open ourselves up to the pleasures of sharing naked pictures of ourselves with one another. I do think it's important to realize you're making a risk-aware assessment. Ask yourself how much you trust someone.

But I think it would be a mistake to say, "Don't ever send naked pictures because you can't trust anyone." Just like with sex, the only 100 percent effective form of birth control is abstinence, but that's not a reason to be abstinent. I think that the pleasure inherent in making custom porn for a partner — whether that's an image or a video — is so powerful and beautiful and such an amazing way to be intimate and to share yourself with someone. The selfie is a really powerful tool of agency, especially for women, because you're literally the one holding the camera and controlling what the image of you looks like. I think that has so much potential for pleasure and empowerment."