CosPain #137: Shared Space

Over the past year, I've shared a lot of tables at cons with Kelci Crawford, whose likeness I borrowed for this comic.  They're very organized and have a neat table setup no matter how much table space they have.  I, by comparison, am a train carrying manure that derailed into a garbage fire.

If you're new to tabling, here's some free advice: figure out how to make your setup work with 2', 4', 6', and 8' of table space.  Figure out how to make it work on either side of the table.  Figure out how to work if you've got the middle spot.  You'll thank me later.

We're into the second half of the Kickstarter for The Legacy of L!  There's still time to back the project, although I can't guarantee how much longer the limited-edition illustrations will last.  The project ends March 1st, so don't hesitate!  Order now, and all that salesman mumbo jumbo!

Rock on, guys, and never stop drawing.

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