CosPain #67: Out in the Open
The original punchline was much darker, but thankfully the stupendous Trickssi provided me with this more appropriate (and honestly funnier) alternative.

I like keeping CosPain funny, but I also consider it important to periodically call out the cosplay community on its bullshit.  I'm hardly novel for me to discuss cyberbullying, but it has affected people close to me in very negative ways.  When given online anonymity, we can be emboldened to say things we shouldn't, and we tell ourselves that it's all fun and games and doesn't actually hurt anybody.  Except when it does.

Cosplay is about having fun.  It's about connecting with characters.  It's about embracing our own geekiness.  The next time you comment on a cosplay photo, remember that, and make sure that you don't take that positivity away from a fellow enthusiast.

Oh, and if you're going to post someone else's cosplay photo, check with them first.  Just good manners.

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