CosPain #68: The Other Side
Fans come from all walks of life.  I've definitely seen situations where a con center had more than one event scheduled for the same weekend, and while there's often a bit of awkwardness, it can sometimes lead to entertaining encounters.  You never know when someone who has to attend a work-related con will look at cosplayers and wish they were on the other side having fun.

The event that inspired this particular strip, however, was not quite the same situation.  It was the dual-booking of the Greater Columbus Convention Center with both Matsuricon 2018 and a Republican fundraising dinner, which was attended at the last minute by President Trump.  While I typically try to avoid bringing up politics too much in my work, I think it would be fair to say that the atmosphere was rather tense all around.  Kudos to the Matsuricon staff for their handling of an extraordinary and difficult situation.

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