CosPain #81: Out-of-Con Text

So this is kind of based on something that happened to me in person, not over texts.  Here's how it went down:

I used to go to Ohayocon pretty regularly in the late 2000's/early 2010's, but I stopped around 2012 due to being busy and unable to travel to Ohio easily.  When I moved to Columbus in 2017, however, Ohayocon became one of my regular cons again.

At Ohayocon 2018, I was hanging out with my friend Trickssi, and a cosplayer approached her to chat.  All of a sudden, he sees me, lights up, and hugs me.  I was cool with it, but, as someone who is embarrassingly bad with names and faces, I acted like I knew who he was until he left, at which point I could turn to Trickssi and ask about it.  Turns out he's a guy who did Ace Attorney cosplay with us back in the day, and I knew EXACTLY whom he was once Trickssi told me he was Edgeworth.

So long story short, shout-out to Mike.  You a cool dude.

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