Cosplay Pans for 2018
I can't believe 2017 is already almost over! I didn't get to do a ton this year because of my schedule working on a TV show and moving but I'm really excited to take advantage of working at a more relaxing place and having a little more free time. I'm already thinking about what I want to make for 2018!

I might make more than what I've posted above, but these are my plans for the first half of the year for sure.

Meryl Stryfe-Trigun: I have always been a big Trigun fan, but never considered cosplaying from it. When I found out my friend Blue Rival Cosplay was doing Milly for ALA and Triguns 25th Anniversary, I jumped at the thought of getting to cosplay Meryl with her. This will be my first project of 2018 and I'm really excited!

Mina Ashido-BNHA: I love Boku no Hero Academia and while Deku is my favorite character and baby boy, a close second is Mina. I think she very much represents my demeanor and personality. I'm going to be first doing her gym uniform at ALA to make sure I've got the wig, contacts, body paint, and arm socks all in check, and then I'll be doing her Hero uniform at either Sakuracon or Anime Expo.

Guu-Haré+Guu: One of my favorite comedy anime from High school which I feel still holds up today. I'll either be getting Guu done for Fanime or Anime Expo with my boyfriend as Haré. I already have the wig done and just managed to screw up the dress last minute before AX this year. I'll get it done this time with some extra crafting allotted to make some Pokute as well!

Hsien-Ko/Lei Lei-Darkstalkers: I did a lot of polling for what I wanted to do as my big cosplay for 2018, and while Elphelt won, I decided to go for Hsien-Ko due to us not having a lot of storage space in our house. I can store the claws on our deck unlike a giant white dress. I'm aiming to get her done for Fanime!

Katie-Seconds: I cosplayed Katie from Seconds for a hot 3 hours at ALA 2015, but I honestly did a piss poor job of it. I just ordered a new dress for her and plan to do some combining of wigs to make a super fluffy spike wig instead of the peice of shit I put together before. I will probably wear this to Comic Con or something, but I'm more just pushing to do this so I can do a shoot with my friends as Lis and Hazel!

Not so great Katie 

Arukenimon-Digimon Adventure 02: Digimon is one of my most loved fandoms I'm a part of and I've always wanted to cosplay from it. All the characters are very lanky with no busts though or more revealing than I'd like to do. When I thought of doing Arukenimon in her human form though I thought that could work and I could pull it off a little better than one of the digidestin in Middle or High School. I am planning on purchasing a corset to give me a more intense hourglass figure to exaggerate some proportions and I'll have my friend doing Mummymon with me for Sakuracon.

I have some other ideas that are floating around in my head that I may try and pull off. Nadeshiko from Street Fighter to go with a friends R.Mika, Akiman's formal dress Chun Li he designed that they still haven't made a skin of, Elphelt from Guilty Gear, Gum from Jet Set Radio Future, and a Miltank gijinka from Pokemon are all some things that I'm toying around with.

What are you guys most excited to see? And if you guys have any cosplay ideas for me throw them out there. I can't promise I'll do them cuz I only like to cosplay series I'm a fan of but I'll at least check it out!