COSPLAY Patterns!

Happy Thursday!

Something we have wanted to do for a while is to start selling out our cosplay patterns!! We are finally starting to do that. Yay!!

We have actually talked a to a few large pattern companies, but those things tend to work slow. So we took the initiative and are going to start releasing select cosplay patterns!

To start we won't include a lot of the standard gowns we create. What we will be releasing will really be based off of the one time costume commissions we do. The sizing will be limited and the instructions will be limited to photos and a short tutorial video. 

We did want to open up to our patrons the option of suggesting cosplay patterns you would like to see! 

You can suggest one we haven't completed or go to our cosplay album to see if there is one you would like to put your vote in for!

You also have a special coupon code you can use for patterns to get 10% off on any pattern you order from us at any Patronage level as a thank you for helping us make this possible!


Here is the link to the first pattern pre-order ROSE QUARTZ! Woot!