Cosplay Comission Sketch for photoshoot
Cosplay Process Comission

 Character created by : @NightmareShinigami89 

Comission by: @nightmareshinigami89 

Character Name: Lilith 

Cosplayer : Danidarkan

Weight: 167 cm

Height: 45 kg

Weapons: Pistol  and a Katana

Powers:  neutralize EVERY other Power´s and Anti-Magic Shield 

History: Comes from a Village where everyone has a special Power, except for her (as it seemed at first). Because of that she was treated as an outsider and

constanly bullied. One day she had enough and instinctly used her Power to neutralize EVERY other Power to it's full potentional (a Anti-magic shield that expands up to 100 metres of radius. Seeing how helpless her bullies are now (she herself is a skilled fighter with a Katana, guns and kicking) she begins to look down at them, kicking them around saying that without their powers they're nothing. After curb-stomping the so called strongest she left the village for good.

In short she see everyone, who is only strong thanks to birth, luck or any other way instead of training to be inferior to her.