Cosplay Sketch WIPs
Sneak peek sketch for one of my upcoming cosplays.

This is a new experiment for me. I SOMETIMES draw concept sketches of my cosplays, but often I just run with what is in my head and adjust things as I go. But recently I have been getting into more complex cosplays that involve more and finer details that can be easily overlooked if all I'm thinking about is the big picture. Drawing my idea out first gives me an opportunity to focus for a moment on those details that I might otherwise accidentally overlook.

This is also one of my first "digital paintings", so drawing these somewhat simpler designs gives me an opportunity to practice these techniques that I hope to embrace and expand upon!

Rewards from this piece include:Rook- Exclusive WIPs and the full cosplay sketchKnight & Bishop- Exclusive WIPs, the full cosplay sketch, patreon exclusive hi-res cosplay photo, and a hi-res fanart download

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