The cost of gaming

When I started doing video review, it was with the heart of "this is a great hobby that everybody should be doing." - Has that changed?

Well, honestly...No. 

I still want everybody and the pet shark, to play games together. Notice how I said games and not "board games." Because games can be anything, from a knowledge "pop" quiz to a out door physical activity. Just being sat around a table with friends, flicking through someones music collection on their phone to see who guesses the artist first, is a game. Running around in the local forest, playing hide and seek with your kids, is a game. Even kicking a ball around in your garden (not that I like football) is something I want to encourage.

This interactivity, maybe a slight competitiveness with others is what makes life fun. And that is what brings me back to the table. This can even be used to refer to what the board game designers and publishers do. They interact and compete with each other and us. And it is a joy to behold.

But one thing that has changed is the amount of games out there and the longing to own every singe one of them can be an obsession...and expensive. So surly there is a cure for this disease! Something that will help cut the cost of gaming?

There are in fact many ways to deal with this problem. I got a girlfriend with bows in her hair. And nothing is better than that...A strict wife, like the one I have. She puts me in line. Points out the problems of "we have no money for food, this week!" And, "where the fudge are you gonna store that!!!" All joking aside, she does make some good points, that we fall oblivious to when walking into the local gaming store. But the other way, and this is half of the problem, is to research this wonderful thing called the internet.

I know, the more you watch reviews, the more games you'll want. It is half of a solution. The major problem is the craving for the next big thing. The hotness. Or to be the first in your gaming group to own this new box of joy. I, like you, get excited about the newest game from Fred Henry and the game which has 200 minis in it. So this is what I do...I wait.

I check out older games, because by now there are 50 odd video reviews to watch (of the same boring angle) with a variety of different perspectives. When you watch 5 new videos of a new game that is hotter that hot, there is a good chance that the reviewer is jumping out of his seat, saying "you've got to get this. Best game of the year..." (All except Joel Eddy. Mr. calm and collected.) 

You may find that after receiving this bundle of joy, that cost an arm and a leg, no one wants to play it. Or you have no real friends, like me. (Teddy bears rule) And you may find yourself in another part of the world, with a beautiful wife, and and beautiful house, and you may ask your did I get here?...Sorry, you may the game sucks, or plays the same as another game that you own, or there is too much hot air being blow into this so called game, which is purely UNO with minis. 

Always, always , always, take a step back. Think about shelf space. Think about if you have the disposable income for it. Think about if this game will change the world. Think is this different enough from all my other games. Think about adding it to you BGG wishlist, and check it each month to see if you still want it.

I'd hate to see this industry turn into a "Apple" cooperation. Where games are brought out, then a year later there is a new addition with new bells. Then you have to re buy the third version because it's faster. And version 4...wait!!! Is that happening now?

So, take your time, research, save up, look back. 

Tomorrow, there WILL be a bigger and better game that you'd want...This ain't no Apple...This ain't no Pokemon...This ain't no follin' around. (Talking Heads reference are free)

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