Costume Resource: Costume Wall
 Have you ever had one of those last  minute events where you need to throw together a Star Wars costume asap?  Or maybe you are planning something for a convention but can't figure  out where to find that perfect long sleeve notch neck t-shirt? Costume Wall is the site for you!

From Aladdin to X-Men, the site covers a  variety of costumes seen in movies, tv shows, and video games. Each  entry gives you a basic rundown of the pieces and provides links to  where you can purchase them. There's even a form for you to suggest  future costume overviews.

My guess is that the creators, Jad and  Nate, have probably set up affiliate links with a lot of the vendors  which is a great way for them to cover the costs of hosting this free  resource. So if you do end up using their guides, purchasing through  their site link is a cool way to say thanks.

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