Could these ideas build your marketing brand growth...

Tip of the week : Grow Your Brand Awareness • 

When it comes to marketing there are many ways to build your brand awareness. Marketing in its essences is about taking a brand to build awareness which creates interest and ultimately generates sales. The below tips are easy to implement on a daily, or weekly basis. Brainstorm what you can do and where you can take these marketing ideas to help grow your brand awareness. If consistent, and done while maintaining your brand's overall message, you will generate a huge change in a short time.

Hashtag themes on blast... The power of a hashtag grows with its particular influential value. When a hashtag is trending jump on it. For a streamline marketing plan maintain a brand's voice when picking specific hashtags. There are also more generalized hashtags for each day of the week. For example; “#MotivationMonday” or “#WednesdayWisdom”. Go on twitter or other social media pages with these hashtages to add value into your message. This will help draw more followers to interact.

Pinterest to win this... Keeping with your brand's voice, and now adding a consistent image to the message, Pinterest is a wonderful social site for this particular method. When your image is Pinned it then helps with the SEO of your brand. Organizing those images into groups is another way to help build awareness to create interest. When people search for images there will be a chance that your images, along with your brand's message, will come up. Thus your brand expands.

Utilize your Surroundings... Where you are is as important as what you are as a brand. Take time to utilize your surroundings in marketing. Incorporate environment into images to better emphasis your message. Fun with puns is always a nice way to go. Take a photo of you sitting on a bench and write “Looks like I'm benched for today... taking a moment to breathe before rehearsal begins!”. Involving your surroundings is another way of invoking your community with a form of comradery.

Caption This Contests... Get people involved. Interaction is key to awareness growth. Setting up an image and asking people to “Caption This Photo” is a wonderful, though sometimes scary, way to get people involved. Work on keeping the photo within the frame of your brand's message when posting contests such as these. A helpful hint is to get your team involved to start adding movement on the photo. No one wants to be the first one to go. So become the first, second, and third to go.

Videos... Vlogs, opinion pieces, behind the scene fun, and what you do are all great videos to help draw in an audience. They are one of the best ways to build awareness to create interest and ultimately generate sales. A video has your voice, image, and allows for conversation in a very interactive way. In the grand overview of everything, this is by far the most inclusive form of marketing for your brand. Keep the adventure of what is happening to help maintain the message of your brand.