The Council opens!
Hey everyone!

I decided to start a Discord server for this awesome group that gathered here in the past months. You will be able to share your map ideas there, show photos of your sessions, or just talk about D&D and tabletop games generally.  The "lounge" room will be the place for this. 

With that I'd like to introduce a new tier, which is The Council!
This 3$/map tier will give you access to vote on some of the upcoming maps, at least one map/month. I will build the voted map soon after the vote happened.

I will make modification to the "Hero" tier too, since the reward was hard to menage, and it wasn't very popular. The Heroes will receive some of my map sketches, and work in progress pictures. So they will have a little inside of how I'm making the maps.

I'm sending out the invites soon. :)