Counselor (Rehearsal Drum Cam 02/15/18)
I tried to get some drum cam footage of me playing at our Netherlands gig last night, but it unfortunately didn't work. (Don't worry though, it was professionally filmed by the venue, so you will see footage of that show in some fashion at some point). 

Here's another rehearsal GavinVision drum cam clip. This time it's the tune "Counselor" from our "Say So" album. 

This song changes abruptly from a sort of cheesy vegas latin drum vibe to a punkish slam a lot. Then ends in a sort of Chris Frantz pocket in a weird time. 

Dirty little secret time: I'm not entirely sure how I'm counting the "streetlight, window, crowbar..." chanting bit at the end. It's a groove that I feel, and I know that the bass drum and snare are switching around at some point, but I'm not sure how. 

Also, riding on the high tom at the end there is a bit of an odd choice, but I think it works for the song. As musicians we shouldn't let our choices be dictated by what the conventions of the instrument are, but rather by what sounds best for the song. 

Enjoy the video!