Countdown to Super TORC Day
I knew when I started my reckless plan to make TORC Press into a Real  Thing, an actual, working business, I knew it was going to take lots of  time and work.  I also knew it would take experimentation and trying new  things.  Very early on, I came up with the idea of having three "Event  Days".  These would be days where I would try to push hard to promote  TORC Press, to push Sales, and to try to draw new Supporters to the  Patreon.  Obviously, I would be promoting TORC Press all year long, but  these three days would be significant.  The first of these is February  9th, aka My Birthday, aka Super TORC Day.

So, what are we doing for Super TORC Day?  There are three things happening that day:

1) 7 Worlds #4 will be available for Sale in the Online Store.

2)  Anyone who purchases anything out of the Online Store OR the Store at  Storenvy (look for TORC Press on Storenvy) will receive, in addition to  their order, an 8X11 TORC Press Print, and a copy of my new mini-comic  "Dragon Frogs".  As an Added Bonus, anyone who orders something on Super  TORC Day and is a supporter on Patreon, will receive an original Pen  & Ink drawing of their favorite TORC Press character.

3)  Anyone who is a $5 or higher supporter of TORC Press on Patreon will  receive a random Quixote Coyote strip.  This is the ORIGINAL STRIP, not a  reproduction.  I never, ever sell or give away my original Comic Book  Pages, ever.  So in many ways, this is a big deal.  If you like Quixote  Coyote and have ever thought it would be cool to get an original strip,  this is the only way to get one. 

Other than that, the Patreon  is currently at $7.  If I can get enough subscribers to bring it up to  $10, then I will start producing a brand new Ultra Dolphin Bros strip  every Wednesday.  So I'm hoping to promote that pretty heavy this week.

So get ready, Super TORC Day is this Thursday!