The Counting Spoons Print , Made Possible By Team Qwirk!

*UPDATED POST for those coming here via the Featured list*

The strange looking critter with the big nose, holding a spoon? That's a Qwirk. Qwirks are like totems of human weirdness. You know those oddities, twitches and tics of strangeness you've been tucking under your skirts all your life, hoping no one sees them? That's what Qwirks are made of. They bundle up all of our weirdness and shame, stick them together with crazy glue and belly button lint, and march out into the world proudly waving their banner of unashamed abnormality.

This particular Qwirk is on a special mission -- to offer support and encouragement to anyone (and everyone) struggling with the demands of invisible or chronic illness. I even wrote a poem to help him with his mission, and it's fully readable in the background of the image.

Counting Spoons

As I lay me down to sleep, 

Counting spoons instead of sheep,

I wonder what life would be like

If, just once, I had a knife?

A salad fork, a gravy ladle,

A full set of flatware for my lifes table...

Oh what I would do, If I were able,

If energy and moods were stable.

But that’s enough of wistful-whining

I’ll make my own damn silver lining!

And rest my head

On this feather bed;

Watch the moon,

And count my spoons.

-- Tori Deaux 

(Spoons are part of a popular metaphor for explaining the challenges of invisible illness. )



So, how awesome does this look (fake) framed?! Pretty awesome, right? I got the (real) proof back over the weekend,  it looks even better than expected, and my little Etsy shop is starting to look like an actual shop!  Yay! 

AND!! I figured out a temporary way to launch the Spoon Brigade,  providing these special prints at a steep discount for gifting to people who can't afford them.  When someone orders one of these prints at the regular price,  they have the option of adding one, two or three more prints for $8 each, for them to gift to someone with an invisible illness, who might not be able to afford it otherwise.  If they need a name, or a suggestion of where to donate a print, I can help with that. 

 Would you be willing to look over the listing, and let me know if my explanation there makes sense?

(And yes, this still covers my costs and fees. The bulk of the expense is in the first print, so shipping multiples of the same print to the same destination is much more cost effective)

In other news, perks should be going out this next weekend, assuming the postman brings the last of the supplies on time... and then its time to put in next months orders, to allow for holiday shipping delays.    And for those of you who ordered Slothmas cards, those should go out this weekend, too!  Yay!  

BTW, it's my plan to offer patrons some sort of shop discount. Since that's not in place yet, anything you order from the shop in the meantime will earn you credits towards other coolness later on :)

Ok, that's all for now...  I've got spoons to count, people!!    

UPDATE: Here's a thread on Facebook for helping to connect people around this project: