Coup d’état by Open Election- an Open Threat to the Republic

Major General Smedley D. Butler (Commandant of the US. Marine Corps) testified before the McCormack-Dickstein Congressional Committee of a recruitment campaign to enlist him to lead a military takeover of the United States Government, supported by wealthy backers who would payroll an armed force and bankroll the necessary armaments, it was December 1934. Freedoms, Liberties and its fundamental principles of self-determination are continually under threat from without and within. Freedoms, Liberties HAVE NOT and DO NOT come without a cost. The cost of liberties and freedoms are weighted with sacrifice of life, blood and conviction by generations past and present, as payment credits for future generations. It is ill begotten that those sacrifices be forgotten or be discarded as diminutive.

Ignorance, fear and fanaticism are forever busy, it needs feeding. Flags waving, and crowds chanting USA, USA, USA at political rallies in the absence of understanding what the chants and colors of flags represent is effectively crimes against social value and morals that are embedded in the American character and history. The very sacrifices mentioned by past generations for the generations of succession are cast horrifyingly and sadly aside. Sufficient public participation in the current national political race for presidential party nomination has shown itself fueled by the busyness of ignorance, fear and fanaticism. It is categorically in entirety counter to the fundamentals that made America, America – the plurality of its people, equally protected under the law – a fundamental essence of the Republics founding principles. Trump vilifies protesters, BUT WAIT – our Republic was founded on protest by protestors. Protest is in an inherent necessity of a democracy.

The night of President Obama’s re-election win for his second term, a self-proclaimed (as his tax records are still not disclosed) New York Billionaire, Donald Trump, twitted: “We should have a revolution in this country!” “We can’t let this happen. We should march on Washington and stop this travesty!”.

We potentially are now under threat of an open Coup d’état, it is not new in history – it has all happened before. Do we the American people permit such an outrage to everything that has provided us our character in tradition and the respect of other nations – have we become today a mutation in a social and political evolution that thrives on hatred and fear and ignorance and fanaticism? Trump is the point of the spear, but the long shaft of the spear are the millions that support his fervor – the target body is the life of a Republic.

Trump isn’t the first or the only American one-percenter to have advocated the overthrow of a democratically-elected president as he did after Obama’s re-election. A coup can take many guise it is not necessarily only undertaken by arms to violence and can be accomplished by coercion, subversion and abuse of existing political systems.

The coup threat to a political system this time is a Trump presidency, the army are the electorate uniformed by fear and ignorance and paid by fanaticism. Republics have failed by the use of their respective democratic electoral process, to achieve ends of the unscrupulous – this practice of republic transformation occurred in Germany and Italy, if merely 70 to 80 years ago – with catastrophic results. A perfect system is only as good as the person the electors entrusted to administer it – it is a woeful admonition to each person in a democratic society that in order to continue the enjoyment and preservation of freedoms and liberties, participation in election is critical, vital and warranted.

The conspirators who tried to recruit General Butler were threatened by the 1932 election victory of Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR). FDR’s first 100 days in office undertook unconventional and innovative approaches to address the economic woes of the Great Depression. FDR’s programs came to be known as the NEW DEAL and included a proposal to abandon the gold standard for currency valuation. His initiatives by many of the one-percenters of that time were seen as a clear threat to their respective wealth and imminent danger to a political collapse of a system that would cost them the totality of their fortunes. It was an era in history not unlike ours where the cry for nationalism ran high and loud. But then we saw nationalism convolute to fascism – fundamentally concentrating the wealth to a few, albeit not the traditional wealthy of that specific society necessarily. Under this proposal nationalism would be the face of the coup but the wealth would remain just where it was. The conspirators planned to recruit 500,000 military veterans and to hold Washington DC till such time as an appropriate satisfaction could be made with FDR that would by objective leave FDR in office but powerless. In 1933 General Butler was engaged in discussion by leaders of the American Legion an organization of veterans at the behest of the wealthy conspirators (individuals controlling or influencing major corporations: Chase Bank, Maxwell House, General Motors, Goodyear, Standard Oil, DuPont, Heinz) General Butler recognizing the threat to the Republic, the Constitution and for the posterity of American society revealed the plot, leading to the McCormack-Dickstein congressional review that was not open to the public at the time. No charges were brought against those implicated in the plot.

Most of what is before us has predictable factors, history provides us probabilities of outcomes. We are forewarned. For fundamental liberties and freedoms to prevail requires reverence and reflection of the sacrifices made, that prudence prevail by well predicated and informed rational thought – actionable by every person to cast a ballot. Actions now are warranted by all that can be acclaimed upon which the American Heritage is built, the very thread the weaves the fabric of American society, our values and laws, our very sensibility now stands in verdict to posterity. Each of us need act.