A Couple of Weekend Streams
Had some time yesterday, so I streamed BL2, twice. I thought I was going to wrap it up after the first stream, but plans changed so I dove back in.

Here's the link to the second video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_c3FP1ZxjQ 

The second video ends kind of abruptly because my connection to Twitch dropped. Sorry about that. I tried to get it back but it failed a few more times, so I called it a day.

These streams continue to be a lot of fun, especially when I've got people to interact with. I'm hopeful I'll be able to get another one set for Sunday.

In Other News...

I got more words down for Dragon & Sparrow this morning, and I plan to have the first chapter (5,000 words or so) up soon. I've got a little over 10,000 words written, so that's a two-month buffer to write, polish, format, and post for each chapter. Not bad, if I can keep up 5k words a month on this project.

I'm also going to work on Camp Adventure while I'm doing this. I plan to do a little work on one project or the other each morning during the week, giving myself the weekends to relax, stream, etc.

That's the update for now, until I get more content ready. Oh, and if you want that exclusive content (like Dragon & Sparrow), you'll need to be a supporter. $1 a month helps me a lot and gets you the goods!


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