A Couple of More Changes
Last Edited on 10/3/2016

As you probably have noticed, I've changed quite a few things on my Patreon today and I would like to address them. I also have some news regarding Naevorlis.

Patreon Changes:

First of all, I've simplified and improved on my rewards brackets while also removing a couple of milestones and moving things around. I have changed the rewards to be for $1, $5, $10, $15, which should be more than enough to compensate me for the rewards of each tier while being affordable for you guys. <s>Also, I am sad to say that I'm removing requests for a time only because I'm too busy with my webcomic, Naevorlis, and art to do requests (I still have commissions open though, if you are interested).</s> (Open for now!)

As of 10/03/2016, I'll be putting up some Patreon Exclusive Art! This means that I will have time sensitive exclusive art on Patreon (They'll be tagged Patreon Exclusive). After a time, I'll release them elsewhere on the internet and some may even become merchandise! :D Check the FAQs for more (up-to-date)  information on this.

Also, as you can see on the $10, I've crossed out the access to old Patreon rewards. Since I don't have enough of a backlog for Patreon rewards, I'm going to have to disable this until I make more rewards for my patrons.

I will mention any changes to my Patreon regarding rewards and such as I have done so in this post.

Naevorlis Changes and News:

Naevorlis will continued to be delayed a bit longer until I purchase a new computer. Despite being able to make half-way decent print-sized works of Naevorlis and/or fan art, my laptop cannot handle the 12x9 spread sheets for manga page of Naevorlis. That being said, I cannot work on the manga itself and only can make some illustrations of the characters and places. This is the main reason I set up this Patreon and have been asking people to donate to me.

Parting thoughts:

I am hoping this is the last change for awhile, but I may add or remove things, depending on whether or not I feel like I can offer things in a month's time. For now, I'll try and make one reward a month, while still making other art to advertise my Patreon.

Until next time!