Thursday, April 20, 2017:

In the earliest hours while you still slept, Mercury’s retrograde motion brings him into contact with the steadfast Taurus Sun. This will assist in your adjustment between seasons and will help you to maintain practicality.
However, common sense may falter as Mercury proceeds backward into hot-blooded Aries at 1:37 PM EDT. You are likely to notice your thinking becoming decisive and forceful.
You are now able to locate the courage you need to take action on something you have struggled with over the past few weeks. What is it you need to say that has been difficult? Mercury will remain in Aries (turning direct on May 3rd).
Pay attention to the difference between assertiveness and aggression, certainty and assault. Say what must be said with kindness and compassion.
It takes courage to admit to your mistakes and isn't that a necessary part of the conversation you must have. We all make mistakes, take responsibility and move forward with determination and love.

Image credit: Life by Skarunagama via Wiki Commons