Cousin Curtiss - Tennessee Whiskey (acoustic cover)
Cousin Curtiss - Tennessee Whiskey (Acoustic Cover)

Recently I had the opportunity while traveling from Chattanooga, TN to Louisville, KY on The World of Beer Tour to detour to Lynchburg, TN where the Jack Daniel's Distillery is located. This is a new favorite cover song of mine and given our location, it only seemed fitting to film an impromptu video! We decided it was a "do first, ask for forgiveness later" type deal, so we walked right up, set up shop and I started singing. It was a blast! A few workers poked their heads out and smiled.

Thank you to each and every one of you for supporting my music and the creation of these videos. None of this would be possible without the overwhelming support.

In addition to earning a free CD upon its creation, you will also be able to download this video. Just click the link below and it's yours to keep!

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