A Cover And An Announcement
First, check it out! Cover drop! I hope you like it.

Now, look in the bottom-left corner. You see the little squid friend? Let's chat about the squid friend for a sec, because their important. That's a kraken.

Claudie Arseneault, Lyssa Chiavari, RoAnna Sylver and I are formally announcing The Kraken Collective! What's really cool is that In The Company of Strangers is the Collective's first release.

 The Kraken Collective is an alliance of indie authors who have pooled resources to publish high-quality fiction while retaining complete creative control over our stories. We aim to provide a wide variety of science fiction and fantasy stories, all starring LGBTQIAP+ characters. From alien hunting lesbians to complex political fantasy, The Kraken Collective publishes queer SFF that will blow your mind away and leave you craving more.

Although it begins as a simple cooperative between authors, we aim to grow into an unique publishing model capable of supporting queer indie voices everywhere in SFF. We are committed to building a publishing space that is inclusive, positive, and brings fascinating stories to readers. 

Why a Kraken?
Cephalopods are fascinating and deeply intelligent creatures: masters of camouflage, brilliant escape artists, and underwater innovators--from the millimeters-long cuties to the kraken-like giants, they’ve impressed us with their constant ingenuity and creativity. In short, they are awesome.

Just like us.

We hope to create a kraken-sized cloud of ink through our stories and that, like an octopus hiding in its ink, you too can find refuge and solace in our worlds.

Learn More About Us!
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