Cover Art for my novel, "Tangled Vines"

Here's the new cover art for my novel, "Tangled Vines".
 In front: Craig Nicolini; in back from left to right: Bren-Khy'an,
Tsel-Ami'an, and Ilen-Saa'an. In the background to the right is nus-Sava'en, in the night sky are the twin moons of Mûr Zhæn: sen-Raleen ("sister soul") -- the closer, apparently larger moon, and nan-Raleen ("brother soul") -- the farther, apparently smaller moon.

I drew this using a 0.5 mm mechanical pencil with HB lead, colored
pencils, a Pilot G-2 05 pen with black gel ink, a black Sharpie, various
 blending and shading tools on Georgia-Pacific's "Everyday Copy &
Print" paper.


© 2016 Ronald J. Lebeck (that's me).