Cover art notes for "Ink That Casts a Shadow"
The cover art is my original photography. I'm a bit of a fountain pen freak. Well all sorts of pens, really, so long as they take bottled ink. Pictured here is one of those spiral-nib glass pens that was kind of the rage when I was in high school. My parents gave me one for a birthday, and I was fascinated with the way the ink crept up the spirals all by itself. Then, drat the luck, I managed to break the damn thing. The one in this photo was the replacement, which never sucked ink quite as well as the first. Two unexpected things happened, taking this photo. First, I did not expect the sunlight through the glass inkwell to make such lovely purple arcs on the table. I tried to make that effect central to the cover art. Second, that central effect of light and shadow helped me out with what is usually the hardest task of each Fictionette: choosing a title.
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