[Cover/翻唱] ソレイユ -Soleil- (太陽)
 Found this song out of coincidence, and instantly fell in love with it. I wanted to bring out a unique style of telling this touching story, so recording took waaaaay longer than expected. I think I managed to achieve what I wanted, though. :)

 在偶然間找到這首歌,瞬間就愛上了。想用自己的方式"述說"這首歌,於是錄音過程比預期的久... ... 然而,我達到了我想要的FU :)


 A slight delay in posting this cover here on Patreon because I've been busy with things going on at home for the past few weeks. For the next two months, I won't have any of my recording gears with me, so I'll be on a short hiatus. Sorry for the inconvenience.



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