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[Cover/翻唱] secret base ~君がくれたもの~ (10 Years After Ver.) [Hyan's Remix]
 Hey, guys! I'm back. :) A few things to note before I get whipped for my absence:
1. I apologize for my inactivity for the past few months, summer's just too good for lazying around.
2. Because it's currently my fourth year in college, there are some things needed to be taken care of in order to graduate, therefore it is highly possible that there will be further inactivity. :D
3. Starting from this month, I'll be experimenting with different kinds of rewards (i.e. exclusive photos, unfinished/unpublished works, gameplays, etc.), so stay tuned for that. ;)

 哈囉,大家好!:) 在各位因我的消失而鞭打我之前:
1. 對於我這幾個月都沒在更新Patreon,真的感到深深的抱歉。不過,夏天真是適合懶懶der... <3
2. 因目前是大四生,有些畢業前得完成的程序導致之後可能還是會較少(慢)更新Patreon。還請各位多多見諒>"<
3. 這個月開始,獎勵的部分會開始做調整(例:獨家照片、未完成或未上傳之作品、遊戲畫面、等等),敬請期待!


  • You will be charged for this cover on the 1st of next month.
  • Rewards will be distributed during the first week of next month via Patreon PM.

  • 此翻唱的贊助額將會在下一個月的1號進行扣款。
  • 獎勵將會在下一個月的第一週送出,請各位留意Patreon私訊