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[Cover/翻唱] アヤノの幸福理論 (文乃的幸福理論)
 This cover will be this month's last update. (Stay tuned for November rewards!) First time I heard this song, it didn't appeal to me. However, a few months ago, having dug it out to listen to again, it gave me a new and different kind of impression -- a positive one. And thus, this cover was born! I tried to convey this cover in my own way, and just hoped it would bring a calm and peaceful feeling to my listeners. :)

 這首翻唱將會是本月的最後一次更新。(敬請期待來月獎勵唷!)第一次聽到這首歌的時候,覺得沒什麼特別的。不過幾個月前,當我不小心又把它翻出來聽時,給我的感覺與第一次聽到時差了十萬八千里。因此,這首翻唱就誕生啦!我試著用我的方式唱了這首歌,想帶給各位一種又溫暖又平靜的感覺 <3


  • You will be charged for this cover on the 1st of next month.
  • Rewards will be distributed during the first week of next month via Patreon PM.

  • 此翻唱的贊助額將會在下一個月的1號進行扣款。
  • 獎勵將會在下一個月的第一週送出,請各位留意Patreon私訊